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An Occultic Study of the City and Land Currently Called San Jenero Califorina

By Lucca VonBarren Farnsworth the Seeker, Esquire. DCS. DGM. SOR. Master of Five Spheres. etc.

A Summary of Terms A glossary of the occult as agreed upon by the San Jenaro most illustrious Council in a minimum of five of seven vote. Thus agreed upon by the Council, these terms are the rule and the law and are therefore forbidden to the likes of witches and other low-magic users. When possible, vulgar versions of these most pure terms are provided not to ratify but to inform the Sorcerer community. (Footnote: Despite the clear rule of law here, some low-magic users will insist on using our language for ideas and magics forbidden for them.)

You can't own words, old man.-the coven


Abraham Sphere: Named for their discoverer, Abraham Doe the III, these 'spheres' are spaces where our world connects to the higher planes. Accessible to most spirits and ghosts and humans only through carefully protected ritual or environmental disaster, it is a space between. A sort of hallway that connects this world to another. They are highly dangerous, volatile, and difficult to control. Attempts to destroy them are considered, in general, a public good. The temporary creation of such a sphere is a common part of traditional magic and expected from trained Sorcerers in good standing. Vulg; Inbetween, Otherside, Mirrorworld, Liminal Space.

You can't discover something that has existed longer than humanity, and that people have interacted with and had their own names for as long as we've had language your self righteous fucks. Also Abraham Doe was an advocate for slavery. #themoreyouknow-the coven


Ghost: See also: Spirit.


Liminal Space: See: Abraham Sphere.


Nihility: A damaged pocket of spiritual reality. A corrupted pocket of a higher place where it interacts with liminal space. Usually created by nature or else by magical dabbling by unskilled and untrained amateurs. Vulg; nullspace, killbox, deadzone.

This is a lie. Nihilities are places of liminal space corrupted by the void. Which the none of us understand as well as they pretend. It's corruption yes. Naturally cause? No. Sites of tremendous human suffering. Certain ritual magics. The nonbirthing of a spectre. Witches lighting candles? No. Uh uh.-the coven