Karl and Lorna Driver

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Kyle Driver
Lorna and Her Missing Boy
Monster Type None and Ghost
Job Dental Hygienist and Not really.
First Appearance Reaching Out
*Reaching Out

Lorna Driver hired Molly to help her locate the spirit of her missing son. Eventually, Molly was able to reunite the two.

Lorna hosted me in her kitchen, which always feels appropriate in these situations. It was a small space, crammed to the seams with food and decor. Maybe not the most chic, but tidy despite the clutter. Lorna was the sort of woman who cared about her space. She cared about the details. She caught me looking at a series of little figurines of skeletons happily performing normal daily routines. You see them at Mexican art stands down on the Modena Beach boardwalk, or at malls. Cheerful, colorful, and macabre. I love them. She had enough of the funny little statues for me to know she loved them too.
-Reaching Out

Karl Driver was a teen-going-on-young-man. His hair was a little too long for his haircut. He wore the same t-shirt he wore in the “have you seen this boy” posters. No one decent had seen this boy for about a year and a half when the family had to declare him dead for some rotten legal reason. They hired a private detective, who found no proof of life. Six months later, Karl’s mother Lorna still couldn’t sleep, wasn’t eating anymore, and so her sister talked Lorna into hiring me to provide proof of death. He was sitting over his headstone and the look on his watery, ashy, transparent face didn‘t tell me much. I‘m crap at reading facial expressions. But he transmitted amusement, which felt like dandelion wisps around in the air. In his case, dry and brittle wisps. He’d kept his sense of humor, so that might make this all easier.
-Reaching Out