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Eden's a vampire bar in Palo Verde. Natalie pays her workers very well to consensually give up bits of blood to clients. This means the clients aren’t murdering as many people. She likes to think of it as a public service for profit.

We argued for weeks about the name. She ended up using it because we had some neon lettering left over from a sorcerer I killed and it saved her some money. The place is cute. Not exactly my thing, but classy and dark. She’s got this whole velvet and fake leather thing going on. Everyone seems to like it, and not everything has to be for me. It’s maybe the calmest bar I’ve ever been to. The whole atmosphere has to be pretty chill. If a vampire loses control, she has to know immediately so they can be stopped before they seriously hurt someone.

-Lana, #iHunt: The Chosen One