Suze Nowak

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Get in the car, losers.

-Suze Nowak



Chapman - Fast Car

Relationship Notes

Character Traits

Refresh: 5

High Concept: Rockabilly street racer

Drama: Owes big to the vor v zakone

Vision Board: You got a fast car But is it fast enough so you can fly away?

Day Job: Mover for Harker Haulers

Extra 1: Big wrench, bigger heart

Extra 2: Thomas Guide in the glovebox

Skill Sets: Assassin 1, Athlete 4, Fighter 3, Guerilla 2, Hacker 2, Maker 3, Medic 1, Organizer 1, Spy 1, Survivor 1

'Stunts:Loose Wires: (Maker/Hacker, get +2 on B&E), Hodor: (Athletics, get +2 on any action where weight plays a significant part.) ‘Fancy Driving' (Knight Kink)

Stress: Physical 7, Mental 5

Consequences: Mild 1, Moderate 1, Severe 1