Snezhana Sabljak

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Snezhana "Sneja" Sabljak
Nancy Re-drawn
Nancy Drawn
Monster Type #iHunter, The 66
Job Burger Patty Employee, Hunter
First Appearance The delivery room.
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The only real mystery is where we go from here.

-Snezhana Sabljak


Snezhana "Sneja" Sabljak became a minor media sensation when she was just a young teenager. She exposed her principal for stealing classroom supplies and forcing the teachers to pay to replace them.

Her parents quickly took advantage of the attention, building her image into that of a classic teen detective. Part of this effort was getting Sneja involved in multiple high profile "mysteries," both staged and genuine.

This led to book deals, signing with a shady talent agency, and many interviews and event appearances. Snezhana never received any of the profit, even once she turned 18.

Now Snezhana flips burgers and hunts monsters, hoping to one day earn enough to start her own detective agency and hire her friends as a way to support them financially.


- Smoke And Mirrors

Relationship Notes

° Shared the shitty talent agency with Lydia Matthews. Was unsuccessfully warned away by her, now quietly admires Lydia.

° Ex-girlfriend of Gabi Reynolds. On the way to becoming friends again.

Character Traits

Refresh: 4

High Concept: Nancy Drawn

Drama: Fraud And You Know It

Vision Board: Hire Purpose

Day Job: Patty Pal

Extra 1: Dramaturgy

Extra 2: Out, Damned Spot

Skill Sets: Academic 1, Guerilla 1, Occultist 1, Athlete 1, Grifter 2, Socialite 2, Spy 2, Fighter 3, Influencer 3, Investigator 4

Stunts: People Who Know People: (The 66 Kink), Diplomatic Immunity: (Cutout), Elementary (Investigator), Confidence Game (Grifter)

Stress: Physical 5, Mental 3

Consequences: Mild 1, Moderate 1, Severe 1