San Maria Cay

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San Maria Cay
San Maria Cay
Eastern Suburb
Did you know...
  • Last stop on Historic Route 66 before San Jenaro!
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An eastern suburb for people working in San Jenaro who could never afford to live there. The people of San Maria Cay all perpetually have the scowl of workers who have to commute for an hour twice a day during rush hour. It’s known for... not much. Mostly just methamphetamine, trailer parks, and skinhead gangs.

Opulence: The trailer parks of San Maria Cay are all holdovers from the classic romantic California Route 66 era. They looked amazing and “space age” in the 50s and 60s. Now, they look like tarnished old sheet metal.

Realism: San Maria Cay is an extremely hostile suburb. It’s immensely white, and everyone knows it’s overrun by the white supremacy movement. While many people would love something to be done about them, most are just glad they’re segregated to that one region.