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This would be where you outline the basics of what the plot kit is. For an average #iHunt story, this is probably a literal category of hunt. Since these are supposed to be reusable, they need to be kits that the ad-hoc Director can vamp on and improvise with, without threatening the entire premise of the setting. For example, maybe werewolves in San Maria Cay are suffering a rabies-like disease, and lots of them need to be stopped. Think like the Radiant Quest system in Skyrim. This isn't an adventure module. This is a simple system for making adventures on the fly.

The Plot

This explains the basic plot. In our example above, it would be no more than three paragraphs explaining what the actual plot is. It should be enough to help a would-be Director improvise. It gives "the truth" behind the plot. Players would be expected not to read these, but it shouldn't be a big deal because spoilers are no big deal for good players.

The Ad

List the iHunt ad here. Give a photo if possible. Even if it's just a suggestion on area. Any locations should be tagged as a neighborhood from the books if possible.


This should list and give a one-sentence lowdown on the characters that can be involved. Of course the Director can and should improvise, but pivotal ones should be listed here. For example, the military contractor who needs help with the werewolf problem in San Maria Cay. If a character is here, they need a wiki tag, and they get a page like Lana with a stock photo representing them, and some guidance for how to play them. Understand that they MUST be assumed to be working with multiple hunters for this to work, OR they must be generic enough that they can be repurposed using those given tools. For example, "Field Agent for MedCorp" might work.


Here, you want to lay down the monster kit. Either direct reference a page from the book for the clade template, or just make it here. It should be a clade, so the Director can repurpose. In addition to the clade template, add one or more examples. Ideally, multiple ranked examples. You might have a Middle Manager (3 star), an enforcer (2 star), and a Mook (1 star) example, for instance. That way the Director can put together a challenge on the fly without building something.