Palo Verde

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Palo Verde
Palo Verde
Central City
Did you know...
  • Home of the legendary San Jenaro movie industry
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Palo Verde is the home of the classic movie industry in San Jenaro. Nobody films movies there anymore, but the area makes fairly good money on “golden age” tours of the old studios and classic theaters. If you’re a local, the only real value in Palo Verde is the cheap and easy to find drugs. That is, unless you’re a vampire. The vampires of San Jenaro have turned Palo Verde into their seat of power. Palo Verde is a place of broken dreams, where people move from all over to start their careers in a long-dead industry that doesn’t care about them. Every cashier at every hot dog stand wanted to be the next big movie star.

Opulence: Everything in Palo Verde is a polished, fake version of something everyone knows from the 40s or 50s. San Jenaro at its most obvious, obsessed with a time long gone that was never really that good to begin with.

Realism: Palo Verde is an interesting case of a place known for one thing that it doesn’t do anymore, and hasn’t done in a very long time. People come from all over the world to see the sights, but usually they go home disappointed and disenchanted.