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Weird Little Girl Grown
Monster Type ?
Job Spiritualist
First Appearance Reaching Out
* Reaching Out

I’ve helped a lot of ghosts since I was a child. I have strong memories of the first time. The little girl was about my age. She was so sad. She just wished her mommy knew where she was. I have memories of going to her house and taking her mom by the hand and guiding her down the garden path into the woods where kids weren’t allowed to go. I remember that mother dropping to her knees, screaming and crying in agony and a weird kind of relief I couldn’t process properly at the time. The girl had been missing for weeks. Everyone had given up hope. She’d just wanted to be with her mother again. I helped them. I never got over that sense of doing right. The completeness of that. An answer. I liked giving mourning families an answer even if it was rarely the answer they wanted. They tell you there’s no such thing as closure. I’m not sure. I think closure is less a static thing that exists, and more what we finally accept as the thing that we can use to close the wound. It doesn’t have to be the answer we want. It has to be an answer.

-Molly, Reaching Out

The Good Work

Molly serves her community doing the good work as a professional spiritualist. The job involves a lot of skills and more than a little magic. Some of Molly's clients include:

  • Karl and Lorna Driver: A young man taken too soon under horrible circumstance and the grieving mother who needs some kind of answer.