Mayhem in Movieland

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iHunt: Mayhem in Movieland is a book by Olivia Hill and Filamena Young

Lana hunts monsters for a living. She absolutely hates hunting ghosts. So, of course, a friend is calling in a favor and having her hunt a ghost. Not just any ghost, but Old Anne, an urban legend at Movieland, a theme park inspired by the golden age of Hollywood.

Worse off, Lana used to work at Movieland, and was fired after she had a... little incident killing three vampires on park property. So in addition to hunting ghosts—which she doesn’t want to do—she has to sneak around and not get noticed by her former coworkers.

This is Book 3 of #iHunt. But it’s a completely standalone story—you don’t need to have read the others to get this.

Content Warning: Drug use, violence, minor gore, descriptions of anxiety attacks.

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