Lydia Matthews

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Lydia Matthews
One Hit Wonderful
One Hit Wonder
Monster Type #iHunter, Knights
Job Ska Band, Hunter
First Appearance The delivery room.
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-Lydia Matthews


Lydia started a ska band called Lydia and the Dead Trevors' Society when she was 16. She hit it big. Well, at least for like 15 minutes. Now, she's still in the band, even though they're one-hit wonders. Now, she supports the band with her hunting. They break instruments, she kills monsters to grudgingly replace them. She knows she'll never get big again.


Big Fish - Don't Start a Band

Relationship Notes

° Shared a shitty talent agency with Snezhana Sabljak.

° Was friends with Mariana Delgado. Mariana thought it was more than that. But, like, whatevs.

Character Traits

Refresh: 5

High Concept: One Hit Wonderful

Drama: Don’t Start A Band

Vision Board: Band Member Self-Sufficiency

Day Job: #iHunt By Day, Rock Star By Night, Baby

Extra 1: N/A

Extra 2: N/A

Skill Sets: Athlete 1, Fighter 3, Grifter 2, Hacker 1, Influencer 4, Maker 2, Occultist 1, Organizer 1, Socialite 2, Survivor 3

Stunts: Starfuckers: (Influencer, Get +2 with any first impression where a person might know my one hit from the 90s.), Not In The Face, Okay?: (Fighter, get +2 to Defend against any action that would mar her appearance.) The Best Defense (Knight Kink)

Stress: Physical 5, Mental 7

Consequences: Mild 1, Moderate 1, Severe 1