Luciana Cay

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Luciana Cay
Luciana Cay
Southern Suburbs
Did you know...
  • Former home of San Jenaro's shipping industry
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Luciana Cay Luciana Cay is a southern coastal suburb, and a place of stark contrast. On the north, you have docks full of yachts. On the south, you have derelict shipping warehouses. The wealthy on the north side try to pretend the south doesn’t exist, and try to erase it where possible. The people on the south are clinging on to some of the only affordable housing for seaside workers.

Opulence: From the yacht docks, you can see abandoned warehouses that, just a decade ago, were bringing in millions of plastic Chinese toys for distribution all over America.

Realism: The town of Luciana Cay is in a perpetual class war, with two sides pushing each other back and forth. You see some of the poorest people of San Jenaro walking past million dollar house boats every day.