#iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy (In An RPG)

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#iHunt: Frankenstein's Monster (Sort Of) (But Not Really)
iHunt Cover
Release Date
December 2019
Olivia Hill and Filamena Young
Get It Here
Itch.io and DrivethruRPG

Be a hero. You pick the hours.

iHunt is a storytelling game about killing monsters in the gig economy. In it, you play millennials scraping by paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet. A gig app called #iHunt offers them more money than they've ever made to hit the streets and kill vampires, werewolves, demons, and anything else that goes bump in the night.

  •  It's a high-drama, story-heavy urban fantasy roleplaying game.
  •  It takes a critical look at the gig economy with irreverent humor.
  •  Make your own hunters and monsters using easy collaborative tools.
  •  It uses one normal six-sided die, and four Fate Dice.

You can buy it on Itch.io and DrivethruRPG.

Zine Supplements

We're expanding on the world of #iHunt through a series of "zine supplements" or as we call them, "zupplements." We're releasing at least one of these short books per month. You can get them through the Machine Age Productions Patreon. One month after Patreon release, they'll be released for sale through DrivethruRPG. The current list:

  • Zine 02: Wrong Things Right January 2020
  • Zine 03: Dark Fantasy in the Gig Economy February 2020
  • Zine 04: Kissing Monsters February 2020
  • Zine 05: M-Book March 2020
  • Zine 06: Victorian Hunt April 2020
  • Zine 07: May Day May 2020
  • Zine 08: June Cleaver June 2020
  • Zine 09: Speed Runners July 2020
  • Zine 10: Unannounced August 2020
  • Zine 11: Feast of San Jenaro September 2020
  • Zine 12: Día de Muertos October 2020
  • Zine 13: Unannounced November 2020
  • Zine 14: Unannounced December 2020