#iHunt: A Dark Knight (Not The)

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#iHunt: A Dark Knight (Not The)

Lana's a monster hunter. Maybe the best on the west coast. But what does she do when a vampire needs her to not only help her kill another vampire, but that vampire wants her to become a knight in her service?

Lana doesn't work well with rules and directions. The second to last thing she should be is someone's loyal knight. But the last thing she should be is a loser, and she's not willing to admit defeat. So Lana chooses to submit to the beautiful vampire mistress Filipe, who teaches her how to be a perfect knight. While Lana learns, she and Filipe develop an intense relationship, with Lana learning to serve Filipe in every way imaginable.

Note: This is a side story, an erotic adventure that takes place after #iHunt: The Chosen One.

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