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Northwest San Jenaro
Did you know...
Blood Flow


University of California: San Jenaro and the surrounding campus. Featured heavily in Blood Flow, it's where Dylan and Claire end up living. It's also home to the mysterious vampire Caridad. The characters meet at a Hookah Lounge on campus a couple of times.

University of California San Jenaro is a world renowned public research university. Over 40,000 students attend UCSJ campus, a bit northwest of the city proper. For this reason, the campus area has grown into a city of its own.

Opulence: Did you know that a former US president attended UCSJ? UCSJ is well-known for people who attended and graduated years ago, and who really became successful only after graduate programs at Ivy League schools elsewhere. UCSJ is the university equivalent of the guy who peaked in high school football.

Realism: UCSJ lives and dies by its major successes. Numerous politicians and prestigious, award-winning scientists and doctors have come from UCSJ campus. These unicorns make up some .01% of the student body, while the rest of the students are just overpaying for the same public university education they could get anywhere else.