Tropicana Motel

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Tropicana Motel
Tropicana Motel
Resort District
Did you know...
  • Highest per capita murder rate in California
  • Pay in cash, no ID required
  • Walking distance to Movieland
Blood Flow, #iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy

"The Tropico Motel charges by the hour, the day, the week, or the month. It accommodates drug deals, really dangerous sex work, and houses a bunch of families with shit credit, criminal records, or both. Most importantly, they don't take ID, and they only deal in cash. I go to the desk. Behind the counter, there's a plaque with a photo of a big man in a tanktop, passed out drunk. It says, "Employee of the Millennium: Vince." Someone scratched out the M and scribbled a W. "Willenium." If that bad joke was a person, it'd be old enough to vote. There's two decades of dust on it. Next to it, there's a certificate from the California Department of Health confirming operating status under one Vincent Dupree. Classy joint."

- Dylan, Blood Flow


Dylan lived here for a while. So did Natalie.